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Cheer on the Canadian Olympic Softball team and send your well wishes! Post your comments below, and have them featured on our site. Plus, on July 9th, they will be sent to the Olympic Softball Team in Toyko!

Sign the banner!
On July 9th, we will be flying our banner overseas directly to the Olympic Softball Team in Tokyo! Check out our social media for time slots to visit the park and sign the banner.

Wear our Canadian Maple Leaf flag with pride and honour!  You have each ascended from amongst thousands of players at the community level of softball to distinguish yourselves as the best Canadians to represent our sport. You have shown leadership, discipline and perseverance – especially because of the COVID pause. Oh, you have sacrificed!  You have thrilled and inspired thousands of young eyeballs at the Canada Cup and at the Americas Olympic Qualifier. Compete for yourself, be selfless in your pursuit of victory.  Win for us, the many at home in Canada who will follow every inning you play in Tokyo. I am so proud of each of you.  
*** Go Canada Go! ***

Greg Timm, Chair, Canada Cup Organizing Committee 

You’ve earned your spot, now it’s your time to shine. May you receive the success you so deserve. Believe in yourself as you go for GOLD, and enjoy the Olympic experience. 

Cheering you on,

Jackie Dugger, Director, Softball Canada

Let’s Go! Red and White!
We will be watching, beaming with pride.

Janet Wiens, Head Score Keeper, Softball City

The Olympics provide all of us in Canada the opportunity to unite behind all of our incredible athletes, but for those of us at the Canada Cup, our Team Canada softball team holds a special place in our hearts. Your passion, drive and determination is unmistakable and inspiring, and all of us at home know you will represent our nation with pride. GO CANADA!

Laura Ballance, Director, Canada Cup Organizing Committee

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